Working through time to reach out across the miles, utilizing social media.

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When looking back over the years we have come to push new media products and utilize the internet to serve the human Purpose. We can now literally have friends, family or loved ones who live hundreds of miles away feel like they are in the same room. Skype began in 2003 allowing people to talk over the internet. Social media becoming face to face began in the year 2012 with Mark Zuckerberg’s creation of Facebook. And from that point on it has grown to smart phones and personal devices like smart phones and tablets. Now we have seen in the most recent years the Alexa, Google Hub, and Facebook Portable. These are devices that claim to be able to do so much more than your phone alone. Under a short time for research of 3 days, I have found that these were the most comparable as they are products of well-known internet companies.  The interfaces they use are highly comparable. In the world of competition, it takes research to find the right product for each person. This is the results of the product search for my home.

Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine
Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine

While looking at the Google Hub, I am finding it is very affordable. The 7.1 screen is small, but the cost is only $89.99 at its lowest cost. This makes it very attractive on its own.  It has home security options, and it can also control the temp and lights in a home. The screen has 720 pixels and for its size of its speakers, they run on a single driver audio system. This makes the unit good for the family or business that is not in need of much interaction. This unit works with Google Assistant. This unit is also camera-less. If you want full home security, you will have to purchase units that work with this unit. And per reviews the sound is not at top rate.

Facebook Portable is the next unit I have been watching infomercials on. I did further research to find that though it is family friendly, it is not utilized for much else. Its top utilization is the face to face conversations that can be carried out between generations. This unit is used to tell stories that are animated and carry much adventure for children and those who can not be with them.  It has a front face camera on it that is 12 megapixels. It has a 10.1-inch, 720 pixels screen. It also has great audio as it has two audio drivers that carry great sound. The Portal is specifically made for video calls. It follows movement around the room so that there is no worry of being out of range of the camera. It also plays music through music apps. It is great but those are its main features.

Alexa Echo Show, this is one unit that is amazing. As it is not just a home security unit having own camera, it is also a product that can be used to communicate over the miles. It works with smart home products, like thermostats and lights, surround sound systems, and home appliances. Alexa Echo advised road conditions, weather, time management like schedules and alarms, leaves voice messages that can go to other Alexa units. It has over 50,000 uses and it is a very smart unit. Unit has great audio, two audio drivers, bass, Dolby processing, a music data base, wide information database. This unit works with other Alexa units and can work from your smart phone. This unit is found to be not just family based but could be utilized for business and home. It is an all-around useful unit. This unit is the unit that I will be making the request to purchase when it is that time. K


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