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In order for an organization to become an award-winning organization on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, the company must meet all criteria.  The Baldrige Award focuses on an organization’s competitiveness, results, and services.

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Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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Bristol Tennessee Essential Services is a small business that received the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2017.  According to NIST (n.d.), “Bristol Tennessee Essential Services (BTES) is an electricity and fiber services utility company that serves 33,000 customers with only 68 employees”. 

BTES pride themselves in being reliability being a key factor in their success.    BTES provide benefits to provide their employees with the best working conditions.  BTES also insures that their employees have the tools and training to keep them productive.  Overall, BTES does everything necessary to insure they achieve the company’s goal “to be the best electric, Internet, telephone, and cable television provider” (NIST, n.d.).  The culture that BTES has built is fully executed throughout the company.  “For example, the CAP-Do process (Check, Act, Plan, Do) encourages employees and teams to rapidly improve process” (NIST, n.d.). 

Strategic Decicions:

            BTES have made several strategic decisions that have led to the organization winning the Baldridge Performance Excellence Award.  In regards to services, BTES “holds market shares of 100 percent for electrical services” (NIST, n.d.).  The market shares that BTES holds are in internet, telephone, and cable services.  BTES’ bad debts have remained under 0.1% and the company has increased their annual revenue to approximately $112 million.  BTES has also produced a positive net income for more than 40 years. 

Competitive Advantage:

            In order to stay competitive in their market, BTES uses programs to help service their customers.   According to NIST ( n.d.), “employees and board members have attended meetings and seminar to keep updated on the progress of power supply to ensure that BTES is positioned to best serve our customers in the new and changing environment”.  BTES stays current with the programs they offer their customers.  Some examples of the programs they have implemented for their customers is an innovative water heater program in which BTES uses a fiber optic system to monitor and manage the consumers usage to times that have a lower cost.  Another is the automated switching program which allows BTES to monitor and control their electric system remotely to reduce outage times.

Future Strategic Decisions:

            According to Forbes (2011), a company must “focus on where you want to take your organization over time”.  BTES’ strategic strategy is to constantly monitor the industry in order to provide their customers with the best possible service.  This process occurs during the strategic planning process, or SPP, which is held annually.  According to NIST (n.d.), senior leaders and others “set strategic objectives, all strategic challenges, strategic opportunities and core competencies are reviewed”. 

BTES have several strategies set in place.  One important strategy set in place is to sponsor employee training and education.  It is important because the more knowledgeable their employees are, the better they can help their customers.  Another strategy is to install 500 residential water heaters, install 100 electric heat pumps, and sign up 600 customers to use fiber services.  These strategies will insure that the company will continue to grow.

 The above strategy will lead to a competitive advantage because it really focuses on the customer.  By focusing on the customer, BTES will continue to have an advantage over any other companies that do not focus on customer service.  By offering more products that benefit the customer, BTES will show that they listen and respond to their customers’ needs.


BTES has listed six goals.  One is to deliver reliable services to their customers.  Two is to maintain financial strength.  Three is to maintain their retail rates.  Four is to market their products and services.  Five is to use their employees in the best way to serve their customers.  Six is use promotion in order to raise awareness in order to expand their customer base. 


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