Career Visions as an Upcoming Leader

As a professional, I want to teach others that they can set goals and reach them. I want to provide the example of working hard for what you want and earning it every part of the way. Working for something and earning it makes it more important to you, which can lead to passion in your life for what you are involved in. I believe in doing what you can in every moment that you can do it. My vision is to live life as if I am trying to conquer it. There is always more to do to make the world a better place, and encouraging those around me to be the best leaders possible is part of how to get there.

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As a leader, it is important to me to model many things. My philosophy involves always striving to do more in everything I do. I believe in the importance of encouraging and motivating one another. We are also here to teach each other. A good leader is an inspiring leader. In my past and current professional roles, I have observed the importance of building relationships within a workplace, and positively contributing to the environment. It is important that I live in a manner that shows what matters to me, which involves continuously sharing my vision. 

Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine

I value the importance of ethics in the business world. Ethics help define how people and organizations should act at all times. Ethics provides me with guidelines to stay on the track of always doing the right thing. I value the environment that I am in and that my employees are in. An environment can provide positive or negative impacts, so it is important to provide the right environment for the most productive work to occur. I value the trait of accountability, as it shows many things about a leader. Being accountable for my actions shows honesty, loyalty and the ability to clarify what I want in a situation or need to do better. I value having responsibility towards my work, organization and co-workers. As a professional, I expect to be around people that show respect towards themselves, others and the environment. 

I am a motivated life learner. In the near future, I will be a recent graduate with degrees in organizational leadership, psychology and early childhood education. I have learned about life from birth to business, and I want to enhance that education by focusing on work within my community. I am very personable and believe in the value of relationships. I am a friend, family member, co-worker and a leader.

My vision is being a leader in charge of a group big enough to make a difference, but small enough for me to know each individual personally. I will be a model of true leadership by continuously encouraging, motivating and inspiring my followers. I will be a teacher to those I am involved with. I will also observe and learn as I go because the world and people are always changing. I will promote continuing education, as I believe that there is never an ending point to learning.

I am looking at these years mentioned in terms of after I graduate in the spring. My first year goal is to do research within my community on job opportunities that are available to me as a leader. I am doing this now, but am not reaching out as I will feel like I have more to offer once I graduate. By year two I want to be established in a new career that I can work on and look forward to. In year five, I should be comfortable in my position but hopefully still learning, teaching and strengthening relationships. In year seven I will want to evaluate where I am in my career and if it is where I should be or if there are more differences to make in a new environment. By year ten, I see a possibility of being in a different position that could be my permanent position, but once I say permanent I am not sure I like the way it sounds. If I do find an organization that I am content with, I hope to have the opportunity to continuously make changes and inspire different people around me.

On a scale of 1-5 (1 being lowest – 5 being highest), this assignment would rank as a 3 in the area of being helpful to me. The assignment changed my thinking from just wanting to be a leader to knowing why I want to be a leader, and in what ways I want to portray leadership. I looked more in depth of what would be important to me as a leader modeling for others. I also realized that when I say I want to make a difference, I mean within a community. Communities are the best places to lead people to better ideas, and also build strong relationships. The assignment also made me question more about the area of where in the community I would like to work and provide influence. Also, is it important to stay in the same organization for years, or can it be more influential as a leader to move around a little bit to share my education and experience? 


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