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We all know that education is very important in order to survive in the future due to jobs being hard to come by unless you have some sort of education.  This school that will be discussed, the Charter School of San Diego, students were happy and would tell others and recommend it to other students. Even though it had a very low drop-out rate despite the odds of funding in which was decreased they still maintained a positive balance on everything (Charter School of San Diego, 2017). 

Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine
Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine

The school was awarded the Malcolm Baldrige award because of the students and the faculty that represented that school with greatness.  Their funding in which was cut in half didn’t make a difference because by the end of the year their balance was positive. Not too many schools can say that they have a very low drop-out rate along with student parents being involved in their activities and the students volunteering to be a part of those activities provided by the school. This charter school wanted to be the best and ready for any challenges that would come their way.

When you have a group to teachers that continue to think positive about their students; letting them know that they can do whatever you put your mind too and build them up instead of tearing them down is the strategy that will take you places.  Motivation and dedication will take you along way and with support anything is possible. “Every CSSD enjoyed one on one attention from their teachers, the benefits of custom built courses, individualized college and career planning with a flexible schedule” (CSSD – The Charter School of San Diego, n.d.).   Personalized and rigorous academics are what the teachers at this school were all about. At this school the students come first when it comes to education and is a model for education reform.  Their model is built on a university scale and they have very excellent results.

Vision Statement

The Charter School of San Diego is dedicated to the creation of instructional organizational, governance models and service. The educational community is committed to the development of a personalized instructional program with intensive parental involvement that demonstrates positive outcomes for each student. “Don’t be good, be Great”.

Mission Statement

To facilitate student achievement the Charter School of San Diego will implement personalized and educational programs.  These programs will not only demonstrate standard based educational reform but can provide a prototype for changing the way teachers and students learn in the future.

Basic Values

As stated earlier the kids come first. Education is one the most important traits to have. With that being said education at CSSD is high quality and personalized.  A community made of professional people that care for students and their future.  The environment there is challenging but positive that is focused on learning. CSSD hold their faculty to the standard and they are accountable for what they say and the work accomplished on a daily basis. CSSD uses business principles in management and is committed to the quality of life for every student especially quality, performance and the vision of CSSD.

From the mission and vision statement you can really see the faculty there love what they do with a passion that the students see by their actions. Everyone at this school play a major role in each student’s success.  CSSD is committed to the creation of educational reform models centered on how effective educational organizations run, how teachers teach, and how students learn.  Every policy here is enforced and every student will be held accountable for their actions.  What is done in the class room as a greater chance a being successful if parents are involved at home. All those policies at this school is just like the mission statement, just a guide line for everyone to follow in order to be successful.

Since 1994, The Charter School of San Diego (CSSD) has transformed the lives of nearly 35,000 academically underserved students in grades 7-12 and 4,000 students throughout San Diego County (Charter School of San Diego, 2017).  They accomplished this through strategy.  Without a strategy and rules put in place there is no way that the school would have been award this award and other accolades. The strategy is to promote a place that is safe and one of learning for each and every student that enroll at this school to be successful. The constant focus on organizational improvement combined with this systematic alignment of scorecards creates an environment that enables CSSD to achieve its Mission.


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