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Email marketing is the use of electronic mail to send a commercial message from a business to a group of subscribers with the purpose to build loyalty, awareness or create a sale. Establishing goals, narrowing target audience and choosing effective strategies are critical for a successful campaign. Target audiences can be defined using demographic data and analytics. Email marketing strategies may include customizing an email with a person’s name, creating short engaging subject lines, offering free downloads and using a re-engagement campaign to win back customers. Key points to remember :

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1. Email address acquisition. Use a variety of platforms to gain quality email addresses. 
2. Creative copy with a smart subject line
3. Make the data work by segmenting and targeting certain groups. 
4. Multi-channel integration by working toward email campaigns that encourage customers to engage outside of emails. i.e. social media
5. Technology – Select an email marketing provider that is in alignment with your goals. 
6. Reporting and understanding analytics. 
7. Privacy/governmental control. Be sure to offer an opt out option to unsubscribe.
8. Reactivation. Monitor activity of email addresses.  

Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine
Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine

After creating a list of goals and comparative pricing, you can use another service to check on whether the email server has been blacklisted through sites such as UltraTools or MXToolBox to look up the domain name or IP Address. This will give you the answers you need about the email platforms you want to use, and it will keep you from making any mistakes with your email marketing.


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MailChimp: This email platform is at the top of many lists. They have support, send personalized emails that integrate your brand, track what has been sent, connect the email to your online store, and mobile opportunities. This makes MailChimp very popular for business needs. According to PC Mag, this platform is rated as excellent. The only cons are for the free users not having the same support as paying users.

Constant Contact: They offer support for you, tracking, individualized emails as well as training courses on how best to market to your consumers, which is a unique aspect. They are very social media centric, which may assist with your movement to social media.

Campaign Monitor: This site specifically states they are for simple email campaigns. However, they also provide support, tracking, and the ability to tie your emails to the online store, making it easy for shopping. There are great ratings for this site as well; the only concerns appear to be that they have grown so fast they don’t have the support they need for their customers.



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