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The Minneapolis Convention Center has received the Request for Proposal from three (3) groups with over 500 attendees, which myself and team has accepted.  For Group 1, the main conference session every day is located in a very large room to accommodate sit down meals and the acoustics are not the best.  However, the day before the event I was informed of those attending, twenty-five (25) are in wheelchairs; two (2) are sight-impaired; and five (5) are hearing-impaired participants.  For Group 2, there are two (2) corporate events needing the same equipment, but we only have enough equipment and facilities for one event.  Corporate executives are requiring constant contact with their home office e-mail in all venues, along with access to video conferencing available.  Additionally, one group is asking for two (2) days of golf and tennis instruction, where they will need access to courts and courses, but my facility does not have a golf course.  For Group 3, Food and Beverage accommodations will need to be amended due: an accompanying nurse, twenty-four (24) diabetic attendees, and ten (10) vegan attendants.

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Convention Service Managers (CSM’s) should be aware of the impact of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) in regard to their property’s function space.  While there are still a number of “gray areas” in terms of responsibilities of the property, certain physical requirements must be met by venues offering convention space.  Some of the physical requirements needing to be met are: adequate handicapped parking, easy accessibility (ramps, wide doorways, etc.), adapted restroom facilities, and assistive devices for the hearing and visually impaired.  Not only must hotels be barrier-free (free of obstacles preventing disabled persons from moving freely to all public areas), but meeting planners may also have special requirements for accommodating disabled attendees.  Wider aisles and increased space for seating arrangements may be needed to allow wheelchair access, or a signer may be required for hearing-impaired attendees.  In some cases, it is not difficult for a property to make the necessary adjustments; in others, it will be up to the property and the meeting planner to determine who is responsible for providing the additional services needed (Astroff & Abbey, 2011, p. 418). 

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Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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As a “Public Assembly Facility” the Minneapolis Convention Center (MCC) is responsible for permanent building access accommodations such as, but not limited to, wheelchair ramps, elevator standards, door width standards, and restroom accessibility.  The MCC is also capable of providing systems for the hearing impaired and wheelchair lifts/access ramps for stages.  Since Group 1 has provided to use prior to the event the number of disabled persons planning to attend, an outline of the accessibility services will be provided to the disabled guests.  Electrical mobility scooters and wheelchairs are available for rent from the Guest & Security Services Department.  On-site reservations can be made at the Visitor Information Center during regular business hours, or for advance reservations/more information, you may contact please call (888) 404-5554 or visit www.themobilityshop.com. Prevailing rental rates will apply and payment must be made with a credit card (Visa, Discover or MasterCard). Checks and cash are not accepted.  Handicapped parking is available to individuals with valid disability parking permits in surrounding ramps and lots as well as at parking meters on the street.  For the two (2) vision-impaired guests, service dogs are always welcome at our venue and braille material can be utilized (Meet Minneapolis, 2014, p. 6; 19).  For the five (5) hearing-impaired guests, special equipment specifications need to be sent to the convention center, and a sign language interpreter can be assigned to event with projector screen displaying interpreter as well. 

To accommodate the golf lesson needs requested by Group 2, the hotel shuttle can transport them to the Fort Snelling Golf Club.  Located in Historic Fort Snelling, just minutes away from the Mall of America, Minneapolis International Airport, MCC, and downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul.  Adult golf lessons offer excellent opportunities for adults to learn to play golf in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.  Reserve a tee time for Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays by calling the clubhouse directly; weekday tee times are available on a first come first serve basis.  Rental fees: Club set is $12 and Pull cart is $5; 18 hole golf rates: M-Thu $28/$43(with cart), F-Su/Holidays $32/$47(with cart).  There are other numerous golf rates options available to be chosen from (Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, n.d., Para. 1-2; 7).  If the group does not want to hire a private tennis instructor to come in and teach them, they can switch hotel accommodations before signing the contract to Radisson Blu Minneapolis because they have tennis courts on-site (Metro Travel Guide, 2014, Para. 3).  The other corporate group could also benefit from this hotel because they offer complimentary high-speed Internet throughout, meeting rooms to accommodate needs, and updated AV equipment; allowing them to stay in constant contact with the home office e-mail in all venues along with access to video conferencing (The Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, 2014, Para. 1).

Modifications to the Food and Beverage menu is typically within three (3) days of the event, otherwise additional fees will be incurred.  Should the Group’s F&B revenue fall below agreed amount, the Group shall be liable for the difference between the minimum F&B revenue and the actualized F&B revenue multiplied by 40% (minimum F&B revenue minus actualized F&B revenue multiplied by 40%), and the amount will be placed on the Group’s Master Account.  Accommodations are able to be made for Group 3 since it is not affecting revenue, with instructions given to adhere to their diabetic and vegan dietary needs.  According to MCC’s contracts, The Hotel shall be prepared to serve at least five (5%) percent over the F&B commitment on each BEO.  The accompanying nurse should be able to receive F&B options as well due to this commitment, if not then the company can pay out-of-pocket to ensure she eats.    


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