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Maya Nut Institute Feasibility Study Continued

Competitive Analysis – Economic

Working in over 9 countries Maya Nut is a labor intensive and wild harvested rainforest product with high production cost. To better assist their workers, the institute has been working for over 15 years to empower rural woman producers to earn fair wages.  However, doing this would maximize economic benefits to producers, but reduces the profit margin to intermediaries and suppliers. There is a small profit margin, the novelty of the product, and consumers habituation to cheap tropical products such as coffee, and sugar. These products are harvested by people and children who work for low wages and are not economically feasible for producers to pay for “Brand Name certifications.” Creating an Integrated Self Certification Program helps Institutes increase profits because the program is affordable to producers and will increase costs to consumers.

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Maya Nut took their actions to another level, Maya Nut Certified certification which is currently offered by Maya Nut Institute, Colorado, the United States to cooperatives, associations, women’s groups, individuals and businesses producing Maya Nut. Maya Nut Certified aims to complement rather than replace or supplement other certification workers’ rights laws, and best practices for manufacturing or forest management regulations.

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Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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Maya Nut certification process may be a resource to improve livelihoods and rainforest management around the globe because competitors do not understand the importance of understanding potential conflicts with local and international laws and agreements between producer countries. These conflicts can affect profit for your organization along with realities of harvest, processing, and commercialization.

Competitive Analysis- Legal

“And of course, awareness raising on the Maya nut’s greatness will continue. ACOFOP and CONAP EW engaging with the local elementary school to integrate the nut into school lunch program (Barrett, K., & Calderon, C. 2017, March 28).

The Maya nut, also called the breadnut is a low- fat, gluten-free, and rich in protein, calcium, potassium, zinc, and iron, as well as vitamins A, B, C and E. Introducing this new product can cause a lot of legal issues for the institution because in Guatemala there are not technical and legal guidelines for large-scale Maya Nut operations. Even though people still use breadnut as livestock feed Maya and a new partner ACOFOP are pushing to expand and market the nut for human consumption.

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This could cause legal issues for the institute if the right procedures are not followed and may leave room for a competitor to take over their thriving market. Testing the nut would be key before sending it off to schools that may serve all types of youth including, allergies, and special needs. Any mistakes with this new product that could gain the institute national recognition and economic gain can also cause lawsuits and debt just from a none-strategic decision.

Competitive Analysis-Government

The government plays a major role in Institutions decisions around the world because they can set regulations and guidelines that could help you profit or not. For Maya Nut, they are constantly fighting to make it known that the trees are worth more standing than cut down in Central America where most of their work takes place. However, many forest-dependent communities are fighting Maya and are being heard because timber can be used for firewood, building material, or sold internationally. They also argue how the clear land can generate income from agricultural products like wheat and corn.

The Maya Nut must challenge every force that tries to tear them down by also letting the public know how deforestation eliminates other ecosystem services that are crucial to land growth. Showing the government how much the forests provide, such as climate regulation, soil retention, and water regulation, gives them Maya Nut must challenge ever force that tries to tear them down by also letting the public know an upper hand in hopes that the government works alongside the Institute and incorporate policies and regulations geared toward their success.

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