Smart Limited Company Business Case

Management and Organization in Smart Limited Company

Smart Limited Company is proposed to become a clothing supply outlet that will be dealing in supply and distribution of clothes. The supply will range from casual wear, official as well as semi-official clothes. The sourcing of the clothes will be from both local supply as well as self-made clothes. To cover our market space well, which in this case is the youth and middle-age niche, good management and leadership is mandatory. Management ensures that the operations of any given organization run as planned and avoid cases of poor structures being put in place (Scouller, 2011). Since competition is very high in the current global market, the choice of management and leadership plays a very crucial role in the thriving and success of any given firm. In relation to this, Smart Limited Company will invest heavily in quality management and leadership. The paper hence evaluates the nature of business structure, management by objectives applied, leadership model and concept of team work. Still, mission, vision and objectives of the company will be greatly evaluated.

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Smart Limited Company has got a core objectives of meeting the customer demands and provision of satisfaction. Provision of quality services, flexibility, reliability and being innovative to meet client needs will be the center of the company operations. The strategy of the company is customer-centered. Vision of the company is to provide quality, affordable and accessible clothes to the target market. The mission of the organization is to supply the customers with the needed commodities and ensure that all customer welfare is met. Core values of the company is integrity, commitment, professionalism and quality service delivery. The company structure is simple, mainly using decentralized mode of management. There will be four main departments in the company. The crucial department will be production and administration department. The department will be concerned with production and management of the internal affairs of the company. The other departments will include supply chain and marketing department combined, research and development unit and lastly there will be public relations and promotion. The four departments will work closely to ensure success of the core objectives of the company.

Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine

In the Smart Limited Company management by objectives will be greatly emphasized since it is one of simple and ease methodology which can be employed in running business organization. The approach will include setting of goals which are very clear and attainable within a given time plan. Employees in all levels will be high involved while setting the company objectives. The level of targets, achievements and level of success will be worked together with the administration and employees. The proponents that will be employed include motivation of the workers to ensure increased level of production by the employees as well as ensuring job satisfaction (Buchanan & Huczynski, 2007). Goals will be very clear and simple to understand while all levels of management will be closely involved during the running of the organizational businesses. Top management and middle level management will work closely with the subordinate staff to ensure that business affairs are managed well. Objectives of the company will be given a priority to ensure that there is working toward realization of the common goal.

Leadership model in the company will focus on ensuring that the activities and traits of good organizational functions are followed. In this case, will emphasize on having good public and private leadership approach (Buchanan & Huczynski, 2007). The activities which are entailed in carrying out business and organizational affairs will be done through good planning in prior to ensure success in work. The duties of leadership will be given great attention to ensure that the company success in attained. Company leaders will be chosen on basis of merit, qualification and experience. Still, there will be emphasis on continuous training to give the top management current skills to ensure good operations. Delegation will be emphasized as well as giving power to the other people. Another core area will be in ensuring open discussion making through consultation and giving power to individuals and small groups. Spirit of working together as a team will be highly used in research areas as well as formulation of new strategies in the company.

Smart Limited Company will work closely with small teams to ensure activities are done through sharing of ideas as well as through group approach. Most of the duties in departmental areas will done through a team of 3-6 people to ensure that there is cooperation of the members. (Raj and Ritu, 2012) Team approach ensure that there is stimulation of good and viable ideas which help come up with new methodologies of tackling market issues. The approach of working in team brings about the concept of innovation and development in an organization. Investment in small teams as well as large teams is very crucial in the top level and middle level. The concept ensures that planning is done within the right conditions and it is realistic.


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