Cognitive Complexity and Leadership

Organizational Leadership and Cognitive Complexity

The article called “Analyzing roles and leadership in organizations from cognitive complexity and meaning-making perspectives” byTornblom, Stalne, & Kjellstromis (2017) is based on how an organization adjusts and manages the outward features of the company’s culture and the inward features of the employee values, skills, and capabilities. This article applies the viewpoint of two theories from the field of adult development, the model of hierarchical complexity and ego development theory to analyze stratified systems theory (Tornblom et al. 2017). Organizations main goal is to analyze the processes and procedures within their business unit. The organization has to know the whole dynamics of their company through the products distributed and the employees who make sure the product is administered in its proper manner. The key aspects of stratified systems theory included in the analysis are the concept of diverse types of cognitive processes, frames of reference associated with the respective stratum of a role and assumptions regarding the hierarchical structure of an organization (Tornblom et al. 2017). This article shares that it is important to have structure within the business setting. The theory provides a concept that gives organizational structure, managerial roles, and managerial capabilities to deal with performance requirements and the business relationship (Tornblom et al. 2017). Also, the theory shares the importance of leadership within the organization to be a hierarchical level. This article assures that the principle that the theories role and leadership problem increases with the organization’s level of growth. Overall, this article is to compare the similarities with stratified system theory and ego development of the organization.

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Tornblom, O., Stalne, K., & Kjellstrom, S. (2017) Analyzing roles and leadership in organizations from cognitive complexity and meaning-making perspectives. Behavioral Development 2018. Vol. 23 No. 1 63-80

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