Starbuck’s Press Release

This is a fictitious Press Release. Simply a recommendation on how Starbuck’s could have responded to the racism ethical dilemma it faced in 2018.

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Starbucks Ready for Change

Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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Press Release

For Immediate Release:

     Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Starbucks is frustrated over one of its managers learned behavior. The action police officers responded to a phone call regarding two black men sitting in her store looking suspicions. Immediately the manager was let go because of how she handled the situation. The community and people around the world are becoming increasingly outraged because we as a people need to come together and be engaged in constructive discussions about this issue as well as what is happening in communities across the country. 

     The CEO Mr. Kevin Johnson has apologized and launched a capital campaign to renovate one of his South Carolina stores for rehabilitation and additional training for all its employees. All new and current employees will understand and promote the 12 ethical principles. This is an exceptional start to promote our Face for Change motto and what it reflects.  Please join us on Thursday, July 12, 2018, from 5:30-8:30 pm for a Prayer for Change event. NOTE:  we will begin this rehabilitation in the South where it all began to enforce President Lincoln’s message, “All men are created equal.” This event is in honor of the two young men and victims worldwide. The event will take place in the John Adams Hurst Gymnatorium, 1517 Pine Street, Columbia S.C. 29204.   All are welcomed.

     When focusing not only on our stores in the US but globally we would like to rebuild our employees to follow our strong culture and principles. We believe that making the right racial ethical decisions are important and we need to continue to educate and train ourselves properly.  The situation we have is a stepping stone to become better as ONE, with civility, common purpose and willingness to listen and work towards a solution. This process cannot be done alone, the community should help and respect the process that it will work!

     With this new launch, the trust of the people will be restored, the respect others will be shown by our actions and all will be held accountable for their actions. Our company Triumph Consulting Firm has partnered with Starbucks to select a search committee to interview all qualified individuals to head the rehabilitation firm. This gives Starbucks a chance to stand out and show they take obstacles head on and have positive results to show from their hard work and dedication to not only its customers, employees are shareholders but to the community as well.

     Since 1971, Starbucks Coffee Company has not only been committed to ethically sourcing and roasting high-quality arabica coffee but also staying committed to their customers! We will not forget where we came from and where we would like to be, following not only our core values but also our last CEO words, “….at Starbucks, “We are not in the coffee business serving people, but in the people, business serving coffee.”- Howard Schultz. Starbucks will continue to serve and train every day through:

1.         Creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome.

2.         Acting with courage, challenging the status quo.

3.         Being present, connecting with transparency, dignity, and respect.

4.         Delivering our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results.

5.         We are performance driven, through the lens of humanity.

     In summary, Starbucks is reviewing its training and practices to make important reforms to make sure our stores always represent our Mission and Values, by providing a safe and inclusive environment for our customers and partners. Making these changes global, the company will make the anti-bias training materials available to other companies, including our licensee partners, for use with their employees and leadership. We would like to thank our community, partners, shareholders and most of all our customers for the continued loyalty while we overcome a major obstacle. 

For more information on the Starbuck’s Ethical Dilemma, refer to this Case Study:


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