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American family Care is a non-emergency room urgent care heath franchise started by Dr. Bruce Irwin. Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industry in the country, and this franchise has a lot to offer. With healthcare costs raising and insurances pushing more costs to the patients, choosing this franchise was the best fit. The headquarters is located in Birmingham, AL where the first clinic was established in 1982. The mission statement of the company is “It is our mission to provide the best healthcare possible, in a kind and caring environment, while respecting the rights of all patients, in an economical manner, at times and locations convenient to the patient.” The marketing manager has developed a plan to make non-emergency healthcare available to all with in their neighborhood where they are most needed. Putting a clinic on corners of neighborhoods will allow patients to easily access healthcare afterhours without burdening the Emergency rooms with non-emergency services. The concept is “The Right Care. Right Now.”

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The goal of American Family Care is providing affordable, accessible, and high quality care at each of our locations nationwide. The way we will achieve this is respecting the time of our patients, providing a caring environment and being available at times that are convenient for the patient. We will staff our facilities with highly educated administrators, nurses, lab technicians and doctors. The goals of our company are what the public has determined what they are looking for in an urgent care facility. Thru listening to our patients, we have developed a customer based feedback program to constantly be improving our care. Without patients, our company doesn’t exist.

Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine
Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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The consumer targets we are going to be marketing to is the working the family that doesn’t have time to schedule time out of their day to visit their primary physician for symptoms that appear during the evening or for accidents that happen after office hours. Providing care for these type of consumers, with a third of the price, in their neighborhood will allow a faster care time and allow the family to start feeling better without losing time from work and spending all their hard-earned money. With insurance companies shifting more of the burden of office calls to the patient, keeping our fees lower than emergency room is a big attractor for the families to use our services. The biggest advantage over our competitors is that we have two businesses, combined into one. Not only are we an urgent care facility but with the combining of Dr. Express we now offer accessible primary care, minor emergency, and occupational medicine. This takes us a step above our competitors and allow us to offer services to all aspects of the market.

The value proposition that we need to bring to our patients is that we are a primary care facility along with urgent care access all at a fraction of the price you would pay at a regular emergency room for after hour calls. In the evening when most people are home if they start to feel sick, something isn’t feeling right, accident while cooking or playing outside they need to see a physician. The only doctors available at that time of the night is at the emergency room. A typical emergency room visit will take three and half hours of their evening and approximately $1,265. This can be very expensive to a budget family and a lot of the times will deter them from going and then risk getting worse or a possible infection from an accident. Offering the same services at convenient times with an average cost of $155.00 for basic care and less than hour from start to finish will attract those who would normally put off going to using our service. Providing after hour care at an affordable price and a fourth of the time it takes at a regular emergency room, right in their neighborhood will make our brand the preferred facility.

The product that we will be advertising and pushing to the consumer is urgent care after hours in your neighborhood. We will offer this with World Class Service at prices that won’t deter patients from coming in and spending all their hard-earned money. Offering these services in their own backyard will make it convenient and easy to access. Using our slogan of “The Right Care. Right Now,.”, will be seen by our facilities being located on corners across from residential neighborhoods. Our lighted signs, with electronic boards showing what we offer will be our promotion as they drive by. Being conveniently located where they live and drive by on the way home will etch our location into their mind when our services are needed.

The product that we will be pushing to our business partners is our occupational services. With convivence of being open late we can be there for them for new hires, workman comps, drug tests, companies that are operating 24 hours a day. Giving them options of cost saving services will be a service they would be inclined to use because the cost is lower and faster allowing an employee to get back to work faster. Being located near residential areas they can be utilized by the employee on the way home versus having to go out of their way and spending so much time getting checked out. Promoting to our business partners we will use keeping more of their money with lower costs and convivence to their employees. The faster their employee is seen and taken care of the faster they can get the biggest asset back producing.

What is going to set us apart in this industry is the differentiation advantage along with price-based advantage. Price-base advantage works when you know what your competition is charging and allowing you to either match or go below to gain market share. Our marketing plan does just that by offering an alternative to high priced emergency room visits with the same or better quality of care. By making this one of our main approaches we will attract those who are budget minded and avoid going to the doctor because of the cost. The differentiation advantage is that we are where they need us. By being available to the patients during hours that are convenient for them allows us to stand out. When accidents happen, they need to get to a doctor that can assess the problem and offer solutions in a timely manner. By being close to where the patient lives allow us to be available to them on their terms and easily accessible.

We have a growing brand because of the cost of healthcare and patient’s money not rising with the costs. Our brand is in the growth stage and being only available in 26 states right now we have so much room to grow and mature. Offering the solutions that people are looking for makes us a stand out company looking to capitalize on what the patients are asking for.

The possibilities of offering more services down the road is very much a realization. To be able to offer onsite lab works for immediate results to treat problems, x-ray machines and techs available 24 hours, minor procedures at convenient times of the day, and specialty physicians available in the evenings. These and more are coming and our brand is paving the way for others to follow.

American Urgent Care is a rising star in medical industry and offering convenient locations, hours that are on our consumer time, business partners utilizing our service at times they are operating allows us to be the preferred provider for those families that are on a budget and busy work and family life. Sickness and injuries just don’t happen during the day and we have listen to our patients and provided an alternative to high price emergency room visits right in their neighborhood.




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