Examples of business sectors that commonly utilize Social Media

How are the two business sectors you selected using Social Media?

Two business sectors that commonly utilize Social Media and will continue to evolve in 2018 are hospitality and manufacturing. An example of social media in the hospitality sector would be a hotel management company. Social media goes hand in hand with this business sector because it directly correlates with their guests and the expectations they have from researching the hotels online and through social media. They are able to read reviews and see photos as well as other techs and specs just by logging onto their Facebook and typing in the hotel name. It’s important for hotel management companies to stay up to date with social media trends, new platform features, and guest expectations. In the past the manufacturing sector was been lacking but more recently most manufacture companies have some sort of social media presence. “According to an annual report by the Content Marketing Institute, the average number of social media platforms used by manufacturing companies is five, and most manufacturers prefer the big five platforms in this order: YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. On the question of the most preferred paid content promotion methods, 85 percent of marketers say their organization uses social promotion.” (Jorner, 4 Industries That Will Dominate Social Media in 2018, 2018) This could involve educating customers, creating more brand awareness, establishing new relationships or creating more efficient current relationships as well as taking customer feedback and implementing strategies to create a better customer experience.

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