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The decision-making process through an organization is dependent on the leadership within the organization. The decision-making process of management is influenced by the decision-making process of leadership. As Rodriguez (2017) discussed, managerial decision-making is compared to a dictatorship leadership style. The manager takes the information passed down from senior leadership. From there, the manager communicates the tasks with the team or employees and expects them to carry out those expectations.

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For a manager to have their team perform optimally, there are several factors that should be addressed. Films Media Group (2014) explains that establishing a positive value upon the individual’s job, valuing the individual, and giving the employees confidence are areas that should be nurtured. Creating a positive environment through praise and recognition for a job well done help foster the growth in the individual. Mentioning challenges and providing constructive feedback towards resolving the issue can also help build the individual. By building individuals in a team and assessing the need and skill level of each employee, the manager can make informed decisions.

Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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Leadership decision-making is a different process. Rock Star Leadership (2015) states that a decisive leader will assemble a team that helps project the vision of the leader and the organization. Establishing a good relationship with those lower level leaders helps provide trust and confidence. This ties it back to playing value to their job, a member of the team, and as an individual.

I am most familiar with the managerial type decision-making. Business News Daily (2017) provides a four-point strategy that is closely mirrored in military decision making. Those strategies include: Identifying the problem; analyze the possible situations; evaluate the possibilities; and make the decision based on the findings of the analysis. Information was passed down from senior leadership and it was curtail that the mission was carried out effectively. Squad leaders and team leaders filtered the information down to essential tasks to perform. Communication was essential to ensure success.

I have recently begun a new leadership adventure. The Ambassador type of leadership. Rock Star Leadership (2015) discusses that the Ambassador seeks out feedback of services from both within and outside of the organization. I find myself executing components of the Ambassador leadership style. The new production company that I am part of is trying to get off the ground. The struggles of getting off the ground so to speak, is due to misconceptions about working with some of the other leadership. I actively go out to other film sets, usually as an actor, and take in the feedback of others about the services and working environment they have encountered in the past. I see the ambassador as a sponge and a cleaner. Taking in all sorts of information to be processed and through positive interactions in and promoting, we can reach our goals.


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