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This report will provide detailed information regarding the role and responsibility of an Advertising Representative for University Consulting Services.   It will also look at the many of the challenges that may be faced with this position.  This report will look at how to manage and overcome many of these challenges and recommend how to proceed and succeed in this role.

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Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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The internship has been growing.  The advertising department has new interns starting and getting up to speed.  The department has been working on a new radio ad for ROA Radio.  The department has continued to work with H.O.P.E Shines, University Consulting Services and Top of the Hill Banquet and Conference Center coming up with new ads to promote the businesses.  The interns were to focus on the past for these ads to help bring more information to the companies.  The Top of the Hill ad was to explain all of the amenities that they do have to offer.

Advertisement Department

As an advertisement representative, interns have many responsibilities for many different companies.  Interns are required to clock in and out for anything with the internship and have a minimum of 10 hours per week.  Interns are required to attend all All Hands on Deck (AHOD) meetings on Monday’s and AHOD and Sales and Marketing meetings on Tuesday’s.  The interns report to the advertisement manager and work closely to make sure projects are being completed correctly and on time.

            The primary objective of an advertisement representative is to create ads for different companies.  The interns have worked with Feeding America, HOPE Shines and University Consutling’s #sparkyourlife, Top of the Hill Banquet and Conference Center, and Josh Gordy H.O.P.E Foundation.  Each intern needed to create an ad for the Josh Gordy H.O.P.E. Foundation on how to donate to the foundation.  For University Consulting the interns were to find some interesting facts about the organization and create an ad that will be informative to how the organization got started and how it was built.  The interns also focused on Top of the Hill Banquet and Conference center.  The interns were to advertise the banquets many amenities and include contact information for Top of the Hill.  There was also a ROA radio ad that was to be completed and is currently being put together by management and the interns are still waiting to see the finished project.

            The new interns are learning and starting to get the flow of the department.  Each person is putting their own spin on the ads and working to create the best ad they can for each company.  There have been a lot of changes, but each person is pulling their weight and each ad is coming along well.  The advertisment department is growing and more work continues to come in so the new interns are a very welcomed addition.  This allows for each company to have more choices when the ads are created.


            There are many challenges the interns are facing.  Many of the interns are new so they are working on time management and how to piece everything together.  This is one of the biggest challenges of the internship.  Starting a new position can be difficult for everyone and there are some tips that can make it easier.  According to Forbes, a new intern should come in ready to learn, try and understand the strategy behind their efforts, get early wins, and build a network with colleagues.  Coming in ready to learn is something that is a large benefit to new interns.  It is very challenging to do something new and being open minded about what needs done can go a long way.   The interns need to know that this is real, they are working for real companies and they can use what they learn in the real world.  Doing a good job early and connecting with the other interns is a way to feel even more comfortable with the job and do the best they can.  The new interns should rely and reach out to the other interns that have been in the department longer to get best practices.


            The new interns are coming on strong and feels like there is a better and more understanding group each time new interns come in.  I have now been doing the internship for eight weeks and completely understand what is expected of me.  There is still the challenge of time management, especially with the end of the term coming quickly.  Everything is much easier than it originally is and everything did end up coming together over the last few weeks making the whole internship a great experience.


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