What are the growth rates of Social Media domestically and internationally?

Domestic and International Social Media Growth Rates

The growth rates of social media domestically and internationally has changed throughout the last decade. Social media has completely revolutionized the way that people all around the world communicate. After reviewing a recent study, I found that 74% of internet users are in fact on social networks. By the year 2021, it is believed that there will be 3.02 billion monthly active social media users. Out of these 3.02 billion users, around 750 million of them will supposedly be from China and 1/3 of a billion users will be from India.  North America is estimated to be the region containing the highest growth and penetration rate of social media. Based on last year’s information, 81 percent of the United States whole population has a social media profile of some sort. As the United States use of social media grew some economies use has plummeted such as South and Southeast Asia, Egypt, Malawi, and Eritrea. Africa and Ethiopia have tripled their social media use since the previous year. This is shocking since one in three people in Africa have internet and social media access but growth trends are showing that number will rise by 2020. Social media use has a growth rate of 21% each year with about half a billion new monthly users. The growth has been occurring in these five countries: China (134 million new users), India (55 million new users), Indonesia (27 million new users), the USA (22 million new users), and Brazil (19 million new users). This information is based on the past 12 months.

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