Google’s Business Strategy

Google is an established company and hence, known even to a very young kid. It is among the best internet service providers. Google’s corporate vision states, “to provide access to the world’s information in one click.” (Sitti, 2016).   It has been able to achieve that because of its business strategies.

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According to Porter, the first and most important strategy of any company is to meet the customers’ needs (Porter E. 1985). Google has been able to achieve this by providing several options for every single search. It enables the customer to choose what best works for his or her needs. Google has been able to index all the WebPages for the proper organization (Dakwah, 2013). It also has a big database where it stores all the information regarding the previous searches.

Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine
Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine

 Porter cites cost as one of the strategies under generic strategy (Porter E. 1985). The cost of using Google is very affordable. Google has been able to top up its income through other avenues. It allows for advertisements that run between the searches. The advertisements are a revenue-generating source for Google, and they have helped the company earn a lot (Dakwah, 2013). The revenue they earn helps them pay their employees adequately. They have the best terms for those who work with them. The employees, in turn, provide the best services hence make the company benefit.

The other generic strategy is differentiation (Porter E., 1985). This strategy enables the company to this differently as compared to the competitors. Google enables one to search for any internet device and not restrict a computer device (Dakwah, 2013). It is different from its competitor Apple which restricts is an application on Apple devices. Apple devices are costly, and people can hardly afford them.  Google is easily accessible from almost everywhere in the world, which is not the case for most of its competitors.

Google’s business strategy of differentiation strengthens the trust of clients, which is the greatest benefit of this approach. Due to its usability and accuracy, Google’s web search engine is the most common search engine.

Another product is Google’s Internet-search-driven ads, known as Google AdWords, which helps the differentiation strategy. The main objective is to meet as efficiently as possible, the potential market. Google is able to create ad text and manage marketing accounts online without needing any payment in advance.

Because of its clean design and excellent page ranking in its search engine, Google succeeded well in the business. It’s the reason why it was suspected by rivals and other people of using the wrong tactics. Given critics ‘ criticism, the demand for their products has increased significantly.

Therefore, it is clear that the inventions of Google have allowed it to gain a competitive advantage over its industry competitors. Intense competition from competing companies forced the company to reorganize its activities among the risks Google faced. 


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