HMB Virtual Consulting Strategy

Setting the Stage

This is an example strategy of a virtual consulting group. If you’re looking to start a consulting company, you can take this information and revise it to suit your own virtual consulting company.

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Team Vision 

Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine
Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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Promoting captivating strategic management solutions.

Team Mission:

The mission statement of HMB Virtual Consulting is described in the following statement where it originates from our employee manual: The organizations mission is to provide our customers and potential customers with the highest quality management consulting solutions the market has to offer. We respond instantaneously to our clients/customers wants/wishes for them to be able to administer high quality experience without delay to their customers. We at HMB Virtual Consulting are committed to using our expertly trained consultants whenever needed to safeguard quality and to implement the highest level of consulting to our clients/customers. At HMB Virtual Consulting we set the bar for excellence and our quality of service goes unmatched in helping our clients/customers solve problems, conquer challenges, and take advantage of recognized opportunities.

Team Values:

Achieve/promote passion by continuing to provide fantastic unmatched excellent high-quality consulting solutions, ranking #1 in priority amongst all team/staff members.

  • Consistently create an interesting situation in which team/staff members can take delight in what they do.
  • By training team/staff members to ensure they make decisions that are consistent with policy, guidelines, and documented procedures.
  • To promote a cost-effective business environment allowing HMB Virtual Consulting to maintain utility/profit and quality.
  • Create an environment for HMB Virtual Consulting team/staff members can envision career advancement and be rewarded for their excellent performance.

Team Value Proposition:

According to (Barnes, Pinder, & Blake, 2009) Team Value Proposition consists of using th skill of marketing to generate sincere customer value by promising the value of the service that a customer or prospect can anticipate being provided and is the primary motivation that a customer or prospect would feel the necessity to utilize the service. HMB Virtual Consulting Team Value Proposition is “Where problems, challenges, and missed opportunities endanger a business’s bottom line, we help talented administrations reach new heights and recognize all opportunities by providing unmatched consulting solutions.

Consulting Philosophy

We will provide our customers with honest and unbiassed feedback that will help them make the best decision regarding their business. Our consulting philosophy is designed to help make those tough decisions easier for the customer. Our services also help clients take advantage of market opportunities and develop plans of action that are realistic and intended to achieve results.

As a consulting team, our consulting philosophy is built around collaborating with clients to find realistic opportunities that use their ideas to grow their business and achieve ultimate success.

By working in a close partnership with customers and their management team, we encourage the client to be involved and totally committed to applying the strategies created to help you succeed. 

We take a personal approach to working with every client at HMB Consulting. The customized plans that we develop for customers are personalized to meet their specific needs. Our plans provide highly practical solutions that will help clients conquer their business goals or solve their business problems.

HMB Consulting has a ultimate goal of upholding Virtual Consulting stellar business reputation and being a catalyst to the financial and organizational success of our clients. We want our customers to know that we will always be there when they need us.

The HMB Consulting team will provide instruction on how responsibilities are assigned and will make decisions on the scenarios presented to us throughout the term.

  • All team members are to attend team meeting immediately after seminar and provide feedback on team direction for upcoming assignment.
  • The HMB Consulting team will split the deliverables amongst each other with one team member accepting to do one more deliverable than the other two team members. The responsibilities of the extra deliverable will be rotated amongst the team with Maurice going first, Harry going second, and Brandon being responsible for the third extra deliverable.
  • HMB Consulting wants to ensure that all content provided by a team member be approved by the other two team members before final submission.
  • The responsibility of submitting the assignment before the term deadline will rotate between the HMB Consulting team members with Member 1 responsible for weeks 1,4, and 7. Member 2 will be responsible for weeks 2,5, and 8. Member 3 will be responsible for weeks 3,6, and 9. The teams will decide on who will turn in the assignment for week 10 (if necessary), during the team’s final meeting.

 Organizational Structure

An organizational structure specifies the methods an organization will use to establish lines of communication, policies, and responsibilities. Organizational structure also determines the extent and nature of how leadership is disseminated throughout the organization as well as the method by which information flows. A flat organization refers to a company structure that has very few or no levels of management between administration and staff level employees.

 The flat organization allows for less supervision while promoting increased involvement in the decision-making process. There are many advantages to the flat structure that HMB Consulting implements into their business plan. The most important advantage is that the flat organization is that the decision-making process becomes much easier. The HMB Consulting team will operate under a flat organizational structure. All team members will have equal authority in the decision-making process and will consult with each other before any policy or procedure is implemented.


Barnes, C., Pinder, D., & Blake, H. (2009). Creating and Delivering Your Value Proposition: Managing Customer Experience for Profit. London: Kogan Page.

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