Sadara Cyber Attack

SSaudi Sadara petrochemical Company and other companies had cyber attack in January 2017. The computers went dark and no pre-cautions or alarms of any hazards attacked before.   What happened is that the company was subject to DDoS attack which led to complete outage for the online services the company provides. 

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The company executed the actions planned for such events to protect the assets and data of the company. The company network was isolated and the security level on the internet elevated to avoid any potential for data breach. also, the company started investigating the issue and assessing the damage and cost.

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Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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The business team put a plan on how to communicate with the customers and business partners with the required details without jeopardizing the company reputation or business. 

also, the company took the required actions with the authorities to ensure compliance while managing the incident. 

The major impact was that the online services. No customer orders can be placed. also partners and third party cannot interact with our company.  There were direct and indirect cost. The business interruption caused by the outage was major direct cause. Also cost incurred by engaging with the third parry specialized companies to contain the damage and put the company operation back on track. 

Post the incident investigation, the company found the root case analysis and action plan was developed as per the outcomes of the investigation report.

The company should invest on the people awareness about the cybersecurity and its implications. The company awarded one more company for to find the prospected cyber threats and isolate the sensitive controls and in intranet network to make easy to isolate it during cyber-attacks.  

There should be an initiative on leadership level to increase the awareness about the information security breaches and its impact on the organization. It also should change the culture of the organization to increase the maturity of the employees that information security is part of every employee core responsibilities. 


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