Volunteerism at John Deere

Is the Culture at John Deere Considered Socially Responsible?

John Deere as a company has decided and made a major effort to be involved in the communities around the country and around the world. The have made is a mission to give back and take the influence that they do have as a large corporation to make a difference. In this the leadership has to make decisions of which issues they are going to take a part in while aligning with their four core values of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation. As a leadership team it is important to make sure that the activities you are involved in are aligned with what the company represents.

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John Deere also has a focus on citizenship, which means the company is working with our customers and partners to improve quality of life. The company is involved in many different communities locally and worldwide that create a sense of community. This helps the employees to have a feeling of pride of the community in which the work and the company that they work for. Each year we as employees are given a full day to be devoted to volunteering in an area that we are interested in and this is on top of many other volunteer events we are involved in. It is important for leadership to be able to focus on the ability to make quick reasoned decisions while being able to determine what needs to be improved (Elimabo NO, 2015). This would be important in being involved in community as some of those needs come up quickly and the leadership team needs to be able to decide if the situation aligns with the company’s goals.

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Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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The decision by leadership to be involved in citizenship and make it a passion of the company was a great decision. Customers and other companies throughout the world are watching the actions of the company and the employees are also developing feelings about how the company is involved with issues throughout not only our country but others. John Deere took time after the hurricane’s in Houston last year to help rebuild homes within the community. They have also taken an interest in empowering women farmers in northern Ghana and creating opportunities for African farmers (The John Deere Journal, 2018).


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