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Business process management is an effective methodology that is often used in times of company distress.  BPM is used to lower cost and make sure that the processes are efficient and effective.  Special software has been created to incorporate ways to help your business be the most successful.  This software can help you to resolve most of your issues with the implementation, execution, monitor, and optimize their processes.  Triumph Consulting Firm experts will evaluate the benefits of using Oracle BPM Software and BPM Online Studio.

Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine
Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine

Synopsis on Business Systems Business systems are made up of many different processes. Those processes are a collection of activities that produce output.  When the processes become outdated they no longer deliver results.  Business processes then need to be redesigned or replaced to meet the needs of the firm.  Creating a new system for BPM can be created successfully if the proper framework is followed.  There are 10 phases of creating a BPM program. They are as follows:

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There are also 3 BPM project essentials.  They are as follows:

Project Management

People Change Management


Benefits of Reengineering Your BPM Software

Increase the usage of BPM practices and gain a better understanding of the value behind the BPM

Increase the productivity while decreasing the cost spent on staff

Increase consistency

Decrease the cost of software maintenance

Functions of Your BPM Software

Project roles and responsibilities

Development standards

Process benefits

Evaluate process and project performance

Promote policy and procedures effectively

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Oracle BPM products have been used by many different leading companies throughout the business world.  This BPM system benefits businesses that can help you to keep track of changes and modify decisions that is being made to shape the company goals.  Their products can be used by anyone with a small company to those that have employees all over the world.  Oracle’s databases offer the best platforms to keep your business running with the slightest effort. Everyone should be busy handling the important aspects of running a company and not stressing over their BPM systems. This is what makes Oracle the best choice for your company.

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Oracle BPM is backed by one of the world’s leading software companies.  It is best suited for the larger corporations and has many features including comprehensive BPM scenarios.  This software consolidates automation of processes, cases, rules, manual task, analytics, forms, and integrations.  Oracle BPM increases visibility, accessing real-time data and simplifying user compliance.  

The advantages of Oracle BPM are they identify key parts of your business that need fast improvements, conduct regular process to access you are using the right digital process, innovate key parts of your business while you are on the go, imposes minimal business disruption and reduces cost, and it examines, identify, and launches new business models.  Oracle is a modern cloud application that connects you to your business quickly.  It is data driven by being embedded with analytics. 

You can personalize this software directly to fit your business needs while remaining secure.  Oracle comes equipped with several customer service options to fit any needs.  They offer an active website where you can reach an agent at any time.  They offer tutorials, demos, as well as a learning library.


 The advancement in technology has made creating a BPM for your business so much easier than in previous years.  Basically, you are inputting your information into a system that perfectly lays out policies, procedures, processes, forms, rules, guidelines, as well as graphs into a device that allows you to see all your data from any device anywhere.  Oracle has provided the best of everything into one small platform which makes it so much easier for you.  This amazing platform saves on cost and time-management.

Methodology and Tools:

Lifecycle/Cycle of Improvement:  Modeling, implementation, monitoring, and improvement

BPM Methodology:  Promotes cycle of improvement and other practices

Collaborative BPM:  Promotes social features and collaboration between stakeholders to improve business process management

Business Intelligence (BI): Software systems and tools that extract conclusions from data

Business Analytics:  Accumulated and organized data on business processes that enable stakeholders to monitor and analyze process metrics in real time

Business Process Modeling Tool:  A software that enables Business Analysts and managers to create business process diagrams.

BPEL:  Business process execution language for web services

Workflow Management: Design, test, and implement advanced by communication between staff, data, and systems.

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BPM’ Online Studios is a comprehensive business process management that enables company to improve test and manages their operations and adjust them to every lasting changing business environment.  This software offers process driven functionalities that provide the company access to the best practices in the industry and assist you to apply them to improve operational management. The best part of this software is friendly user and businesses can get the hang of it in a quick time.

BPM’ Online Studio

BPM Online Studio has many different benefits.  They offer cloud solutions that allow you to change the CRM process and they offer flexibility to scale and adjust your processes to align with your individual and company needs.  Their BPM tools do not measure up to what Oracle offers.  They do offer to measure the activities of sales, marketing, and service.  BPM Online Studio comes with a mobile version so that you can access information from any of your devices.  A free-trial comes with the BPM Online Studio which is a great way to see if this will fit your business needs.  This type of software would fit the needs of a small company but just does not offer the limitless capabilities of Oracle.


            Although BPM Online Studio has many benefits it does not add up to the functionality of Oracles BPM system.  Oracles limitless capabilities and stronger database puts them ahead of their competitor.  The cost of Oracle seems high in the beginning, but it will pay off in the end, BPM Online system targets huge corporations as Oracle, but the Pros overweight the Cons in Oracle favor.

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The difference in leaders:  The Pros and Cons of each software platform

In a recent comparison in terms of analytics and reporting capabilities Oracle BPM remarkably exceeds BPM online.

In Sales Force Automation Oracle has a strong and solid lead over BPM Online.

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When comparing the capabilities of marketing automation, Oracle’s Marketing Automation outperforms BPM Online.       

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Both Oracle and BPM Online have amazing customer service and support.  Oracle leads in terms of functionality against its competitor on CRM. Oracle has the upper hand when it comes to build-in features and functions related to product technology.


Many may wonder, why should I use an expensive software option when there are free ones available.  The answer is STABILITY, as an organization leader you must determine what is best for your firm to grow and be a dominant competitor.  Oracle is flexible and innovative using more and more modern concepts then many options for example, clustering, spatial indexes, in-memory DB, and full-text indexes. 

It’s stable, reliable, and scales beyond majority of options.  Oracle is also well understood, supported, and has an ecosystem.  Many companies are satisfied with the hardware and software products because it eases deployment and database management.  This gives companies managers an opportunity to focus on more important areas of the business because important policies and procedures are being handled effectively through Oracle.  

Organizations want a strong database that stores their “Valuable Data.” This information runs the business every day, so it is an asset, paying a huge amount is okay if you want to be secured.  Relational database management systems (RDBMS) can safeguard data more efficiently if you pay a higher amount.  These software options should not only safeguard data but also grow along with your firm.  It is imperative bigger corporations use bigger systems so that they can be efficient as one.

Business process managements are used when a company needs to change the way it operates, as well as the processes it follows. BPM is most beneficial when created to fit the needs of your company.  The advancements in technology have made creating and executing BPM systems much more simplified than in previous years.  After extensive research we have decided that Oracle’s BMP system best fits the needs of The Hyatt Corporate.  The features and functions of Oracle BPM’s offers the best practices in the industry to improve performance and operational management.  Oracle BPM personalizes your system to reach your business’s goal.  Using Oracle’s BPM software will promote improvements in practices, processes, and policy which will be beneficial across They Hyatt Corporation board.

Opening Policy and Procedures for Oracle BPM:

Involve staff and stakeholders:  The managers of The Hyatt Corporation along with staff who may be involved with the opening process are invited to participate and work with management to create the opening procedure changes needed to execute the new BPM software platform.

Inform before Implementation:  All staff at the Hyatt Corporation will be sent an email about the upcoming change of BPM.

Practice before Publishing:  The opening staff will practice the new opening procedure while management observes for any changes that may need to take place before publishing.  After training staff and management will debrief and see what changes may need to be made.

Hold meeting and virtual conference:  The Monday before the process is put into place, the Hyatt Corporation will meet to go over the policy, process, and procedure, ask any questions, and make sure everyone is aware of the change and comfortable performing it.  If extra training is needed a time and date will be added to their schedule.

BPM software:  The new procedure is inputted into the Oracle’s BPM software where it can be accessed, viewed, and updated.


Management is responsible for making the changes associated with the processes, policies, and procedures, the changes will affect staff that are not involved in the creation.  Management needs to be open to discussing and working together to make the new implementation a smooth transition for the benefit of the Hyatt Corporation.  Making sure these policies and procedures or followed and recorded will be a difficult task for management.  However, using the best software option will ensure the greatest success.  Using Oracle will help the firm because of the continued growth of the organization which will be beneficial in safeguarding data with less disruptions.

Creating an effective BPM takes a lot within a firm and are ten phases which should be done through management and getting feedback from team member employees so that systems could work efficiently.  The ten phases include. Organization Strategy, Process Architecture, Launch Pad, Understand Phase, Innovate Phase, Develop Phase, People Phase, Implement Phase, Realize Value, and Sustainable Performance.  As stated earlier, it is imperative to know each stage because this information along with a great system will help and build your organization to unbelievable levels.

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