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MAC Cosmetics

This marketing profile is about one of the most well known makeup brands in the United States, and is so popular it is mentioned in some of the top songs of today; MAC Cosmetics. The headquarters of MAC Cosmetics is located in New York City, New York. The mission statement of MAC Cosmetics is “all races, all sexes, all ages”, it is meant to embrace all consumers including professional make-up artists, to consumers.

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“The organization commits itself to high standards and creative development with a conception that all pains have gains”(Toskan).  MAC introduced the “Kid’s helping Kids’, a campaign of sending greeting cards painted by children with every order, all sales were donated to pediatric organizations.  The previous marketing managers advertising plan could create problems because MAC tends to use a different way of advertisement. MAC does not advertise very much so many consumers did not know about the products being launched, However, MAC is working on changing this as time goes on by using social media and giving alerts to consumer when MAC is releasing a new collection each year, while naming them after adored popular cultures, art and fashion. These collections include popular names such as Lorde, Rihanna, and Proenza Schouler. MAC is also releasing more diverse shades of makeup which is sure to match all skin tones.

Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine
Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine

Company Objectives:

I have created some objectives for the company for the upcoming years. These objectives are specific and relevant to company growth, all are on a timeline and are going to have a measurable outcome. Achieving these objectives by the end of the year will ensure another year of company success. As a marketing manager all objectives are to be in line with the company’s mission statement and vision.

  • Market to more customers by an increase of advertisement on the television, online, newspaper, etc., along with at fashion shows
  • Provide instructions and choices of what kind of look the consumer is going for when buying a particular product
  • Providing customer friendly service and help as much when trying to match the right makeup for the correct skin tones
  • Providing more training for more floor employees when hiring

The customer target group of MAC is more if not all towards women or those who like to apply makeup. MAC targets a younger audience with the sale of vibrant colors, high contrasts, and high saturation within their makeup collections. The target group is from ages 18- 25 and mostly target these customers through the internet, social media, and mobile applications.

There are many competitors in the makeup and fashion industry. The big competitors against MAC are Maybelline, Clinique, Revlon and L’Oreal. These competitors are well heard of and are in most Walmart’s across the United States. These other makeup brands are targeting the same group of people, however have even a larger base since it is easier to access, and have larger marketing campaigns.

The value proposition of MAC cosmetics is very promising, (not to mention that is has managed to risen to be a global giant in a $160 Billion beauty industry.)  it is used in runways, photo-shoots, and in the homes of many consumers around the world. “Strategy is based on differentiated customer vale proposition. Satisfying customers is the source of sustainable value creation” (Barnes & Blake & Pinder, 2006).  MAC is known for withstanding its rigorous wear, and is named a professional cosmetic, but are affordable for consumers to buy. MAC also likes to use an eco-friendly strategy as well, with the turning in 6 empty MAC containers for reuse, you will get a free choice of lipstick or lip gloss as well. MAC also offers makeup tutorial sessions, or make overs free of charge.

MAC is offering great promising products and or services. MAC is focusing on safety and all ingredients that are put into their product to ensure that. The products range from eye shadow to eyeliner to lip gloss, to you name it. MAC is more expensive than the traditional makeup at stores such as L’Oreal, and Maybelline, however the higher the quality the higher the pricing. MAC does not have much of an advertisement campaign, MAC has simply spread across the world by celebrity endorsement. Celebrity endorsement is still one of their highest achievements and contributors to the business becoming successful. MAC is not going to be found everywhere, it is more on the higher market and more exclusive retail shops, however MAC products are still sold at other shops and places such as John Lewis, Beales, Debenhams, etc.

MAC and business to business marketing can affect the success of the business. MAC is continuing to come out with new products every year so the consumers will always have a new choice or shade of makeup when they drop a new collection, thus keep their current customers while attracting new ones as well. The price can be varied as well to keep customers, MAC can lower some of their prices to be able to compete with the prices of L’Oreal and or Maybelline. MAC can also become more accessible for those whom do not live near a high priced area or mall, it can become available if partnered with neighborhood stores. MAC can promote more if there were advertisement and or events where consumers could try the product before they buy the product,

MAC in the product life cycle is in the stage of growth. MAC cosmetic stores are spreading worldwide, as the first MAC cosmetics in Paris was established in 1996. MAC is still focusing on expanding to other countries, and is continuing to grow in sales as well. MAC is making new collections each year, new lipstick shades suitable for varying customer requirements. MAC cosmetics have the capability to beautify women no matter their age group, thus making it popular amongst women of different classes and generations as well. With the continuation of introducing new products MAC cosmetics will continue to grow.

MAC can gain more profit if it would partner with companies like Walmart or Walgreens, or Sally’s, thus making is accessible for more people. MAC can also gain more service if they would advertise more, celebrity endorsement can only go so far, MAC needs to gain an advertisement campaign for the success of their business.

To enhance the products and or services by making the store more visually appealing. MAC can also keep more customers having an interactive app and offering online reviews and videos. Mac can also arrange the product launch events and create more exciting campaigns. Mac can also keep the customers involved by making them brand ambassadors.

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