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This article is about a Baldridge award winner from the NIST website called Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center (MHHCC).  MHHCC is located in jasper, Indiana; employs more than 1,700 people providing health care to roughly 6,600 inpatients and 254,000 outpatients a year.  They have been recognized for outstanding quality of inpatient care receiving a five star rating.  They are also nationally recognized for performance demonstrated by an “A” leapfrog hospital safety grade since 2016.  

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MHHCC Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Core Values

Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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Vision Statement; “We are committed to being the preferred health and wellness provider; transforming lives through faith based, compassionate care.”  This vision statement is a key part of the overall strategic plan.  It represents the company’s vision or dream of possibilities.  The vision statement builds on their core competencies, their history, strengths, resources and unique capabilities.  The vision statement is usually aspirational of the company and where they see themselves in the next 3 to 5 years. It describes the “why” for everything they do. 

           Mission statement; “Christ’s healing mission of compassion empowers us to be for others through quality and excellence,” Unlike the vision statement, the mission statement describes what the company is currently doing or accomplishing.  Focusing on the mission enables your vision to become a reality.  Simply put, it is what they do and how they do it.

Core Values; “Respect for Human Dignity, Compassionate Caring, Stewardship, Quality, and Justice.”  These core values are a set of beliefs and behavior one can expect to receive.  They are a key component when achieving the vision and mission.  They represent how the organization should behave, and the values they believe in to reach overall success in the market.  I believe that MHHCC lives up to these core values and expects every employ to act the same.  They are realistic, attainable and should be values everyone lives by.


Management has taken a hands on approach to achieving their goals and reaching their vision as an organization.  Senior leaders emphasize the mission, vision and core values in a faith based culture, showing compassion, loving care and a core competency of being for others.  Leaders have empowered their employees to meet their patients’ medical needs, emotional and even spiritual needs.  Leaders reinforce their core values through participating in employee orientations and workforce open forums.  They encourage open, two way communication and frequently visit the different departments.  Open door policy, recognition programs and hand written thank you cards are just a small part of the culture senior leaders have established. 

Strategic and financial objectives

MHHCC has sustained a dominant leadership position within its primary market area.  Inpatient market shares has been higher than 70% and its outpatient shares higher than 80%.  This is a very high margin compared to the competition sitting around 10%.  The reports have indicated that MHHCC has sustained leadership performance by an annual increase of clinic visits and outpatient surgical procedures.  This has led MHHCC to create a sustainable competitive advantage by expanding services based on market intelligence and listening to the people.  They incorporate patient and family advisory councils, analysis of competitor turnover data and patient surveys.  MHHCC has even introduced a new telemedicine product to prevent market share loss which allows them to gain insight for secondary market entries.  This is just a small part of MHHCC setting their selves apart from the competition.  To expand further, they are constructing a new clinic to provide service for the Amish communities and creating new marketing to strengthen its name while trying to expand into new markets.   

One of MHHCC strategic objectives is to incorporate feedback from the workforce, customers and key stakeholders.  All the senior leaders, board members and select individuals attend work sessions to review inputs, data from quarterly reviews and conduct a SWOT analysis.  Another strategic objective they have developed was creating a graduate medical education program with Indiana University.  One financial objective they are reaching is a community benefit, which grew from 1.5 million in 2014 to 2 million in 2017.  The last strategic objective was the turnaround time for labs and pharmacy orders.  No more long waits, as they have perfected the system and not only reached but surpassed their goal. 

Adequacy and merit of the vision statement

As it states in Crafting and executing strategy, crafting and executing a company’s strategy is an ongoing process that consists of five interrelated stages; developing a strategic vision, setting objectives, crafting a strategy, executing the chosen strategy and monitoring developments.  MHHCC Vision Statement; “We are committed to being the preferred health and wellness provider; transforming lives through faith based, compassionate care.”  According to table 2.1 in our reading, having some wiggle room with the language used allows flexibility to changes.  Words such as transforming lives through faith based come to mind.  Their vision statement is well stated, short and easily communicated.  They do not run on and on and it seems clear and concise. 


In closing, MHHCC has a well-crafted, well rounded vision statement, mission statement and core values.  They reach their goals through effective communication down to the lowest level.  Senior leaders down to middle managers on down to each employee knows the mission, understands the vision and articulates each core value daily.  They address not only employee concerns, but the concerns and care of each patient.  MHHCC is a well-known medical provider that is nationally known for their tremendous accomplishments. 


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